Best Places to visit in Aerocity Delhi

Aerocity In Delhi, Airport

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Aerocity in Delhi Airport

If you are searching for Aerocity in Delhi Airport then you come to the right place, today in this part we are trying to share all about Aerocity and our real experience, so read this full blog and share your suggestion with us.

Here's is the of Best Places to visit in Aerocity in Delhi Aerocity



3.Beautiful Fountains 



6.Gaming Centres

7.A unique and different parking in Delhi


Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Location of Aerocity

Aerocity is situated near the Indira Gandhi  International Airport. Here you can go with Metro which is the orange line and you can also visit there with private vehicles and public transportation.

Most people prefer Metro as the most convenient way to go there because Metro is everywhere in Delhi and it connects all metro stations and it is the best way to visit Aerocity.

About Aerocity

Aerocity is a very famous place in Delhi near to the airport, a small town in which there are all facilities are present and mostly Aerocity is famous because of the hotels which are there. There is a big chain of hotels, where there are many happening things, food court and many more.

If you are planning a trip for visiting places Delhi then you must visit this beautiful place. 

There is a building named WorldMark, in this complex you find many hotels, a food court, Jim, and many more.

And there is a parking lord which is very different from other parking lords in Delhi because of its multi-level parking system.

Here you never feel that you are in India because it provides western and International culture fell. Friend before covid-19 there is a huge rush of people but now there is no rush, it means now you can visit this place because nowadays there is very less rush than usual days.

And there is a very high level of security and the glass of the complex are bulletproof because this place is very near to the airport and here all safety measure of social distancing are followed.

5 Best Restaurants in Aerocity

1. Farzi Cafe

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Farzi Cafe

2. Plum By Bent Cafe

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Plum By Bent Cafe

3. The Beer Cafe

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Beer Cafe

4. AnnaMaya

Aerocity in Delhi Airport

5. Hong Kong Cafe

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Hong Kong Cafe

Lounges in Aerocity

1. Liv Bar

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Liv Bar

2. The Hub Bar

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Hub Bar

3. Oval Bar

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Oval Bar

4. The Hangar Lounge and Bar

Aerocity in Delhi Airport
Hangar Launge and Bar


We hope the above information is useful for you. And I am highly recommending you to visit this place once.   


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